Enrollment is easier than ever! See how right here! Instructions for the enrollment process and links to the (online) forms are below. 


We now operate what is known as continuous enrollment.  This means, quite simply, that families enroll student(s) once and do not re-enroll every year. Rather, records are updated as necessary, some forms may need to be filled out for the new year, and payments for tuition are due, but families are considered enrolled unless they unenroll. Please contact us with questions about this. Thank you! 


Now easier than ever!


We are enrolling for preschool, Young 5's, and Kindergarten-8th grade (including homeschool partnership options) for the 2020-21 school year! We look forward to your kids being here!  The kindergarten-8th grade enrollment process has changed in two ways:

  1. All forms are now available online (see below) -if that's NOT the easiest way for you to fill them out, we will help you! Contact the office for assistance. 

  2. SOCS is adopting the process known as continuous enrollment, which means less paperwork to fill out each year! Enroll once to enter SOCS, and each year the office will check with you to be sure information is correct and up to date. Some forms must be filled out each year, however, and are indicated accordingly. (Such as transportation requests and athletic participation forms)

Kindergarten (5 full days) - 8th Grade Tuition Schedule 


1 child enrolled        =  $4,547
2 children enrolled   =  $7,595
3 children enrolled   =  $9,719
4 children enrolled   =  $11,112 
Homeschool Connections K-8 = prorated (using the same rates of tuition, prorated based on what percentage of programming the student(s) participate(s) in. We have multiple options. See our Homeschool Program Page for more information! 

You may be able to apply for our Affordable For All program! 

Links and guidance to get your child(ren) enrolled at SOCS!

Please note, you will be asked to log in with an email address to fill out the forms. This ensures that your forms can only be filled out by you and that we receive completed forms once for your family. You can edit these forms, even after submitting them. 


To enroll for the 2020-21 Schoolyear: 

  1. Fill out our Enrollment Form completely. You can edit your responses at any time. 

  2. Submit a payment of at least $100 as a deposit (which is considered your first tuition payment) by check, cash, or PayPal (PayPal requires an additional $5 processing fee).

  3. For students to participate in athletics: Fill out the Atheltic Participation Application.

  4. For ALL 6th-8th Grade students only, read and sign the Chromebook Use Handbook and Agreement.

  5. Kindergarten and 7th Grade students: an updated vaccination record - ALL students must be up to date on all vaccinations (or have a signed waiver) in order to attend. See this chart for more information. 


For students new to SOCS this year, these are also required:

  1. Have your pediatrician fill out a health form for your child(ren), which the school needs on file along with updated vaccination records. These can be brought into the office, emailed to info@sochristian.org, or faxed to 616-875-2287. 

  2. Sign your consent to disclose immunization information to local health departments. (If you do NOT wish to share this information, do not sign this, and your child(ren)'s records will be reported anonymously.) -This form can be printed and turned in, or emailed to the office at info@sochristian.org.

  3. Submit a Records Release Request if transferring from another school, by either printing, completing and submitting this form to the office, or emailing the completed form to info@sochristian.org

  4. Read and sign our Technology Use Agreement (both parent and child(ren) must sign.

  5. Complete a first-time enrollment form for our specials classes (provided by West Ottawa Schools)


To volunteer as a parent-helper, driver for field trips, etc., you must fill out (and prior to your participation we must have the results from) our Central Registry Clearance Check Request.​ 

Don't think you can afford Christian Education? Make an appointment to arrange for the Affordable for All rates by contacting us. We will work with you to determine tuition rates, and make Christian education happen for your children!!


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