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Dear Parents,

Praising God for His presence, comfort, and peace during this storm of uncertainty.

NUTS AND BOLTS- As we give the next few weeks of unchartered academic area to God's Sovereign control, I am thankful for online communication.

We are hoping to continue with minimally interrupted education between now and Spring Break :)

Beginning this week Monday, I will be at school for 4 hours a day, to plan and answer questions. If you need an appointment to talk to me, let me know and I will be available either online or by phone.

I am planning to confer with each child once a week, either online or by phone :) In class, our conferring time is so precious!!! I am truly looking forward to that communication :) 

Today, I am sending home a File Folder with papers in it called a "Learning Packet" for your child to work on during the next 2.5 weeks. 

I will send lesson plans to you on Monday with more details.

READING After reading and studying a historical novel, today, the kids completed and shared their Lapbook. At Parent Teacher's Conferences, after Spring Break, the kids will have an opportunity to share the project with you :)

We will begin a new unit about Fantasy. Your child has his/her Reading Journal and a fantasy book to read at home. I will send home the Teaching Points as we progress.

*Sadly, the Reading Journals stayed at school. You can either pick it up in the office, or you can use a journal from home :) The choice is yours.

Reading Minutes- During the month of March, Reading Minutes count as Reading Minutes and the same minutes can count toward the READO activities as well as the Whitecaps Ticket vouchers :) 

Just a heads up, in order to qualify for the Whitecaps Tickets, it is my understanding that the kids need to read for 15 minutes 5 times per week for 4 weeks. This is a non negotiable requirement by the Whitecaps for any school participating in their program.

WRITING- This past week, the kids finished typing their projects in Google Docs. 

At home during the next 2.5 weeks, they will design a poster for the Revolutionary War Museum, at a date to be determined.

Dawson- Sam Adams

Gabby- Nathan Hale

Darci- Betsi Ross

Isaiah- Minute men

Corbin- The Boston Tea Party

Cassie- The Boston Massacre

Brayden- John Adams

Mina- A slave girl owned by Thomas Jeffereson

Josh- Paul Revere

We will start our next Writing unit after Spring Break.

SPELLING- The kids will have two lessons to complete over vacation.

GRAMMAR- I included one lesson on a piece of paper for the kids. They will need to identify words according to parts of speech. They will need to follow the mentor sentence to make new sentences.


The 4th graders are studying measurement.

The 5th graders are dividing decimals.

I have sent home the paperwork; I will send home more details on Monday.

Math Minutes will be coming home on Monday.

BIBLE CLASS-This week, we looked at parables Jesus told. 

Our stories for the remainder of March are the miracles of Jesus. We will examine Jesus power over nature, sickness, and sin. This is such a timely reminder during this era of uncertainty. 

This is a project based lesson. The papers are in the folder, the details are on their way :)

March is Reading Month- The kids can continue with READO, Reading Minutes, and the last Black Out.

Today, as I drove to school, I heard the song "I Raise A Hallelujah". I pictured the South Olive Choir singing at the Christmas Program. This is the picture I want to hold onto. I hope you are able to hold onto it as well.

Hugs and Love,


Grateful, Thankful, Blessed,

Ellen Jacobs

4th/5th grade teacher

South Olive Christian School



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