The Benefits of Small Class Size and Multi-age Classroom Learning

Be heard.

In a caring community, every voice is heard and appreciated. When every student participates, authentic learning comes to life. In a class of fifteen or less, an individual student’s need’s can be met right in the classroom itself, instead of students being separated for work outside the classroom. Increasing opportunities for individual expression and meeting individual needs enhances the classroom community and empathy.

Flex to engage.

With fewer students, the teacher has more flexibility in lesson planning, both as to the setting for the lesson and length of time for the lesson. The feasibility of outdoor education and other unique educational settings become a regular part of the teachers’ lesson planning
process. This encourages meaningful, engaged learning for everyone!

Learn at the Next level.

SOCS’s smaller class size is not the only benefit. Each classroom is multi-level. Diversity in level allows for a more authentic, “real-life” learning experience than limiting a child to same-age peers throughout their education. The teacher helps students of different ages build a community around each student’s needs, gifts and talents. This allows each student the opportunity for high-level thinking and high cognitive growth with significant differentiation built right into the process. Multi-age collaboration, cooperation, and communication work together to help students own their own learning.


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