At South Olive Christian School, we are committed to stand against bullying.

A recent government study revealed that 1 out of 4 students (both boys and girls) have been bullied in the last year, nearly 1 in 3 have reported bullying or being a target of a bully, and more than 1 out of 3 have seen hate-filled graffiti in their public school in the last 12 months. 

There are many tell-tale signs that a child is being bullied. Do you recognize any of these behaviors in a child you know?

●     Fear of going to school 

●     Missing belongings or torn clothing

●     Coming home with bruises, cuts, or other physical injury 

●     Few, if any, friends, with whom he/she spends time 

●     Lost interest in school work or suddenly doing poorly in school 

●     Appearing sad, moody, anxious, withdrawn, or depressed 

●     Having trouble sleeping or frequent bad dreams 

●     Complaints of stomach aches, headaches, or other physical problems

●     Suffering from low self-esteem and insecurity

Sadly, the long-term effects of being bullied extend all the way into adulthood, where formerly abused children have more depression and lower self-esteem than non-abused adults. Many formerly bullied children end up angry and bitter as adults - with difficulty trusting people, fear and avoidance of social situations, and reduced occupational opportunities.

No school is perfect, to be sure. However, no child should be threatened, harassed, or intimidated at school. What can parents do to help students? Are there any choices? Experts who have studied bullying recommend a curriculum that emphasizes kindness, communication, cooperation, empathy, and friendship.

South Olive Christian School stands against bullying. Our teachers and students stand up for one another in love, and help create a safe environment for children to grow and thrive. Our curriculum and chapel programs not only emphasize but also lead, teach, and bless biblical kindness, communication, cooperation, empathy and friendship. 



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