Are you concerned about your child’s preparation for the “next steps” in life? Research shows that the kind of education that South Olive Christian School offers, and continually strives to perfect, results in high academic outcomes, critical thinking skills, and preparation for rigorous colleges. Students who graduate from a Christian school are three times more likely to obtain a college degree.

The periodically administered Cardus Education Survey, the benchmark for data on independent Christian Education in North America, also shows that Christian education has a significant positive impact on public service, marriage and family life, generosity, and faithful Christian living.

Why are Christian school students better prepared for college and beyond? There are a number of reasons:

●     Christian schools teach children to think critically - transcending the basic education of rote learning and memorization. Christian students are taught to take facts learned in one area and to apply them to other areas. Being able to synthesize facts gives students the ability to think critically and present arguments clearly and persuasively.  

●     Christian schools preserve their students' inherent love for learning during the education process by using tried and true, classic methods of teaching. This keeps students' natural love of learning alive. By challenging students, teachers also fosters the fun of learning - hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive.  

●     The small class sizes in Christian schools enable more individualized attention.  It is easier for teachers to maintain class discipline, cover more material, have more student participation, and readily see and assist students who need extra help. Furthermore, a smaller student body permits more children to participate in extracurricular activities, which helps them to become well-rounded students, a characteristic increasingly in demand by the best colleges.

Other ways Christian schools better prepare their students for college include:

●     values-based curriculum

●     caring teachers

●     preparation for the inevitable challenges to their faith

●     character traits including honesty, integrity, and Godliness



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