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Our Core Values:

SOCS Education emphasizes

  • Biblically-based, God-glorifying, Christ-centered values throughout the entire life of the school.

  • A close, supportive, and unified community that a) works together to build God’s kingdom within the school and b) witnesses to the wider community, leaving our God-honoring footprints wherever we go.

  • An excellent education that equips our students to live as effective disciples of Christ, committed to continuous improvement and empowered to be agents of transformation in the world.

  • A commitment to make SOCS education available to all families, regardless of income or background.


The Purpose of Christian Education

Transforming Students and Teachers

The purpose of Christian education is to transform students and teachers so that they might have the mind, heart and life of Christ – that is, to be responsive and effective disciples of
Jesus. Our mission statement at SOCS reflects this purpose:

Equipping students with the wisdom and knowledge to become effective disciples and bring peace and restoration on earth.

Disciples need to be effective workers in the world where God has placed them. To be effective, and to bring transformation to God’s world, each disciple needs to excel at his or
her vocation and calling. Our goal is to provide our students with that foundation of excellence!

Honoring The Image Of God In Every Student

We believe that God has created each student in his own image and that each student has a purpose. As a result, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Each student is a full partner in his or her own learning

  • Building a classroom culture of trust, safety, challenge and joy is the key to honoring the image of God in each student.

  • Each student owns his or her learning targets and works proactively to reach them

  • Students often check their learning as they progress toward the target.

  • Excellent student work can serve as a meaningful model for all students

  • Ability is not fixed. With diligence and meaningful trying, any student can improve in any area

Honoring Each Student’s Part In The Big Story

We believe that…

  • Each of us has a part in God’s Big Story (The Bible)

  • By understanding The Bible, we can understand our part in The Big Story

  • All subject areas speak to the sovereignty of God and are part of God’s Big Story

  • Faith perspective and practice are evident in “every square inch” of our curriculum


Watch us!

See these videos showing what we do here at SOCS!

Community Together Time

Serving, singing, and playing together, our student body grows in who they are in Christ!


Family Values - School Values

A Principal's Perspective

I meet with many families who are troubled by the worldly values they encounter today. They tell me about their concerns with sex education curriculum, the redifinition of family, gender self-identity issues, and tolerance for inappropriate language and conversations in the classroom.

Parents often lament to me, “I don’t want my child experiencing values that I disagree with. What can I do?”

Are you a parent who is facing the dilemma of contradictory values being taught to your child or worried about what values your child will choose for his or her own?

Perhaps sending your child to South Olive Christian School is the answer. For many parents, the shared values and outstanding education offered by Christian schools justifies the cost of tuition.

Extensive research has shown that children in Christian schools enjoy many advantages. Studies show that religious schools not only contribute to academic excellence, but they influence student behavior as well. Students in religious schools are less likely to become drunk, engage in theft, and become unruly. Additionally, religious schools create a more positive atmosphere for students in terms of providing a positive school spirit, less disruptions, a higher level of racial harmony, and a greater sense of personal safety - all factors critical to shaping student educational outcomes.

Shared values, consistently taught at both home and school... just one more advantage of a Christian school.


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