Mrs. Vigants' Biography

Meet Mrs. Vigants

Education Background

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I am currently pursuing my Doctoral degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Teaching Experience

I have been involved as an Executive Director of Families Victorious and am currently an Adjunct Professor at Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University.

Personal Life

God has blessed me 4 wonderful children and a wonderful husband. I live in Allendale with my family and we enjoy spending time participating in community activities.

Why I became a Christian school teacher

During this summer I felt God laying it on my heart to go back to working with young children. It fell on my heart that working with young children and their families was something God was calling me to do. Incorporating Project Based Learning into the school curriculum is an opportunity to give students hands-on experience seeing God at work around them. I look forward to seeing my students grow and teaching my young students how to pray.

An example of how I integrate faith into my classroom

Using biblical stories and parables is a great way to engage students in growing their faith. Working with my students on learning how to pray and how to build a relationship with God is an essential part of their daily life.

Fun Fact

A lot of the fun activities that I have planned to do with the students in the classroom are also activities that I have got to experience with my own family, so they will be a lot of fun!