Kindergarten Options

Kindergarten Options

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westolive-8197Young 5-Pre Kindergarten

In addition, we also offer a “Young-5” early Kinder program for students who have birthdays that fall later in the year (summer-fall). The program is designed to meet the needs of students who may not be ready for the demands of all day kindergarten, but are ready for more advanced literacy, math, and social skill development. The schedule for this program is listed below.

Young-5’s meets Monday-Friday (starting 2015-16) from 12:30-3:20.

Three Day Kindergarten

Three Day Kindergarten is a comprehensive program fully preparing children for first grade. This option is similar to a traditional kindergarten program and is suited for a student who may not have the stamina for a full-time kindergarten program or for the family desiring a part-time school schedule.

Three Day Kindergarten meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:40 AM – 3:20 PM.

Five Day Kindergarten

Five Day Kindergarten offers many enrichment activities.   Students are exposed to more literature, structured play, and enrichment opportunities with a full time program. This option is great for a child who has the stamina needed for five full days of school.

Five Day Kindergarten meets Monday – Friday from 8:40 AM– 3:20 PM.


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