Ways that make SOCS different

Top five ways that make SOCS different

westolive-84571. The principal and teachers shake each child’s hand each day. This shows the students that they are accepted, loved and appreciated.  Also, it shows that God has a wonderful plan for their lives.  In other words, God does not create junk –only excellence.

2. SOCS utilizes NWEA MAP testing.  Testing is accomplished three times each year.  It gives the principal, teachers and parents information about the child’s strengths and areas of needed growth.  MAP testing also lets the teachers set growth targets and outlines steps to get there.

3. Staff and teachers pray for each student each day by name.  Parents and the students are asked about how they can be prayed for.  By the time the school year is over, a student is prayed for over 170 times.

4. SOCS has loving caring teachers.  The teachers go out of their way to make sure the students understand the lesson.  Many of the teachers will stay after school to help a student.

5. SOCS has an unique tuition model that is designed so that families can afford Christian school.  The model is based on the income level of the family.  Click here to access the tuition calculation page.