Affordable For All Tuition Plan

Family Contribution Worksheet

To determine your family’s approximate cost of tuition, please complete the following worksheet. 

Please look at our sample tuition scenarios to see how we are Affordable for All.

 A copy of this year’s 1040 tax forms, copies of your W2 forms and documentation of any extraordinary expenses we will be required to apply for tuition calculation at the time of enrollment.

If you prefer to not disclose your financial documents, you may pay the standard rate.

 This calculation is for K-8 students only. Please see pre-school rates. If one child is in K-8 and another is pre-school, then this calculation is available for all the children.

 Excessive medical costs (those claimed as income tax deductions), childcare costs, and court ordered payments may be considered in the calculation of tuition costs.

If you have three or more students enrolled at South Olive Christian School, the percentage will increase an additional .5% . For instance, if your family has three students enrolled in the school, you would multiply line 3 by 10.5% or .105 to determine your tuition responsibility.

  1. Adjusted Gross Income on IRS 1040 Tax Form                           _______________
  2. Dependents on IRS 1040 Tax Form multiplied by $3,900            _______________
  3. Subtract line 2 from line 1                                                            _______________
  4. If line 3 is less than #50,000, Multiply line 3 by 10% (.10)*         _______________

*Note regarding income: Please note that if line 3 is $50,000 or greater, the tuition percentage of line 4 will increase by .5% increments for every $5,000 over $50,000. For example, if line 3 equals $50,000 the rate would be 10.5%, if line 3 equals $55,000. The rate would be 11% until $100,000 or 15.5%.

Line 4 reveals an estimate of the maximum tuition that your family will pay; the minimum tuition for a qualifying family is $550. This is an approximate calculation and should not be considered the final tuition cost.  Tuition will be determined at the time of enrollment.

Tuition is paid in 10 monthly installments or 12 monthly, 26 bi-weekly debits from a checking or savings account. The first tuition payment for current families will be due August 1, 2015. For new families, $100 fee is due at enrollment; this deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied toward the family’s tuition.

This calculation is to determine the approximate cost of tuition for the entire family.

South Olive Christian School is a 501(c) nonprofit, nondiscriminatory organization. 

Please contact Paula DeRoos at or Click Here if you have any questions.