Mrs. Pyle's Biography

Meet Mrs. Pyle

IMG_4413Education Background

I attended Muskegon Christian School, Western Michigan Christian High School, and Western Michigan University.

Teaching Experience

I taught at West Orlando Christian School in Orlando, Florida for 2 years, Borculo Christian School for 5 + years,  South Olive Christian School for 28 years.  I have loved all of it.

Personal Life

I am married to Dave Pyle and together we own Pyle Dairy Farm.  Our sons, Paul and Nathan work with us.
Paul and his wife Nancy have 5 children-Emily, Andrew, Megan, Chelsea, and James.  Nathan and his wife Amy have 1 son Caleb. Our daughter Betsy and her husband Bryan are both engineers at Visteon in Holland and have 2 children-Ethan and Leah.

Why I became a Christian school teacher

I became a Christian School Teacher because God led me in that path.  I loved going to a Christian School and am thrilled that God opened doors for me to continue on even after I quit teaching for a time to have my own children and stay home with them. I am so excited that I can talk about God and pray with the children any time we want to or a concern comes up.

An example of how I integrate faith into my classroom

We planted sunflowers 2 weeks ago in plastic cups.  We were studying plants and forests.  We watched the seed pop open and the stem and leaf come thru with the seed coat still somewhat attached.  What an amazing God who gives us not only plants for food but plants for flowers so we can enjoy watching them grow and then enjoy the beautiful flower that comes!

Fun Fact 

My dad raised homing pigeons and raced them for many years.