Mrs. Sluiter's Bio

Meet Mrs. Sluiter

westolive-8265Education Background

My early education was completed through the Holland Christian Schools. I chose Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa for my college work, returning to West Michigan to attend Western Michigan University for my master’s degree in Elementary Education.

Teaching Experience

My teaching career began at Borculo Christian School teaching a 3rd and 4th grade split. After three years, I left teaching to begin my own family.   A couple of years later, a well-loved teacher at South Olive Christian became very sick, she called me and asked me to sub for her. A couple of months later, she went to be with her Lord, and I came on full time at South Olive. I taught for six years, then left again to stay at home with my family of four children. Eleven years later, I came back again to South Olive and have been here ever since.

Personal Life

My husband Scott and I own Progressive Systems, Inc., a business in Zeeland, MI. We have four children: Matt, Emily, Alex, and Tim. Emily is married to Steve Dozeman, who pastors a church in London, Ontario. They have three beautiful children: Mekiah, Rayna, and Elijah whom we visit as often as we can.   With Tim living in Vermont to further his bio medicine education, we all enjoy our once a year time together at our favorite place, Drummond Island. Matt and Alex live in Holland; Matt works at Progressive, in addition to being the IT at a local church, and Alex has his own IT business.

Why I became a Christian school teacher

One of my history teachers talked about a Christian’s outlook on history.   He wanted us to see history with our spiritual eyes as well as historical eyes. This is not only true with history, but all subjects and all of life.   I wanted to teach in a Christian school so that I could be a part of guiding children to view their school subjects through their Christian glasses, and also to see their daily life, their future life and life’s work all connected to who they are as a Christ follower. I have the privilege of helping children connect their gifts and talents to who they are as a follower of Christ.

An example of how I integrate faith into my classroom

When we studied the growing differences between the North and the South in the early 1800’s, we found that both sides used the Bible to make their case concerning slavery. How could both be right or could both be wrong? We had the opportunity to look at how God regards human kind. We could go beyond the legalities and context of slavery during Bible times and during the 1800’s and look at God’s purpose for mankind. Our discussion led to a multitude of comments, thoughts, and then more questions were raised. The students began to see that life’s questions aren’t always simple to answer and often lead to more questions. Our walk with God needs to be continual so His Word will guide us in truth.

Fun Fact 

I guess I was meant to be a teacher because I have been practicing since I was in 1st or 2nd grade! I changed my bedroom into a schoolroom and “played” school, sometimes even with real people ( my poor sisters!).