Technology as a Tool

Technology as a Tool

Working in collaboration with the Apple® Distinguished school program at Holland Christian, our South Olive Christian School students are afforded the same opportunities for technology instruction and application, within an environment of lower student to teacher ratio.

K-8 Technology Overview

westolive-8212Education in the 21st Century is dynamically changing environment. It is our belief that young people need a wide variety of skills to learn deeply and excel in today’s world: flexible creativity, diverse collaboration, and dynamic communication to name a few. South Olive Christian School is committed to equipping students with these 21st century skills as we seek to meet our mission of “Equipping Minds and Nurturing Hearts to Transform the World for Jesus Christ.”


Technology is becoming an increasingly critical part of the learning experience and curriculum delivery at South Olive Christian School. We believe that technology has changed the way teachers and students interact with each other and should expand the classroom experience beyond traditional time and space limits. Technology will also enable us to respond more effectively to various learner needs. As Christians, we believe that it is critical that we continue to teach students discernment and the ethical use of technology so that they can be equipped to “transform the world for Jesus Christ.” A common level of accessibility to technology is essential for students, teachers, and parents. We will continue to teach technological literacy and also to evaluate what that means as new technologies emerge and old technology becomes obsolete.

Technology Goals

Goal I: Each student, guided by a teacher, will create a positive digital footprint to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Goal II: Each learning environment will be personalized to the needs and God given talents of the students.

Goal III: Each student, teacher, and administrator will connect, communicate, and collaborate with the greater community and the world consistently

One-to-one Laptops

westolive-8374At South Olive Christian, technology has become a critical tool in equipping middle school students to transform their world for Jesus Christ. After researching best practices in the area of technology and studying the way that today’s student learns best, the leadership and faculty at Holland Christian developed the One to One Laptop Initiative, of which we are now a part of

The goals of the program at South Olive include equipping students with the latest technology skills and teaching them discernment and the ethical use of technology. Another important goal is to model current best practices in education by differentiating instruction, developing anytime anywhere learning, widening community and communication, and developing life-long learners. As a Christian School, the faculty at South Olive Christian is committed to developing these goals to equip the next generation to transform the world for Jesus Christ.


Mobile technology is becoming an increasing part of the learning experience and curriculum delivery as South Olive Christian School carries out its mission. It is important in today’s world for students to create positive digital footprints to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Students need to learn to navigate the digital waters with Christian discernment and understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology.

westolive-8234South Olive Christian also wants to personalize the learning environment to the needs and God given talents of the student. We have found at the elementary level that the use of Apple Ipad technology impacts the learning environment by providing rich media, creative applications, opportunities for collaboration, and powerful communication platforms allowing students a variety of ways to demonstrate and share learning.

We believe that mobile technology is changing the way students connect, communicate, and collaborate within school, the wider community, and the world. Ipad mobile technology expands the classroom experience beyond traditional time and space limits. With the iPad in the hands of each student, at the right moments, we can powerfully, “Equip minds and nurture hearts to impact the world for Jesus Christ.”