Authentic Community

At South Olive Christian School, you can expect to be included into all aspects of your child’s school life. You will be connected with a mentor family when you first come to the school. You will help out with fundraisers, class field trips, mom’s coffee time, and special dad events. We are in the North Holland Area. We are also close to Borculo and Zeeland communities.

Christ-Centered Education

South Olive Christian School is a faith increasing Christ-Centered school. We have high academic standards. We use NWEA MAP testing that will highlight growth areas and areas of challenge for your child. As a staff, we pray for your child each day by name. We integrate our faith into all areas of school life. We provide big school opportunities with small school family closeness where you belong and always get to participate if you want to.  Sports, arts, acting, engineering, music, contests, building, planning, traveling all are a part of YOUR experience.  Here you become the person God intended you to be.

Affordable for All

South Olive Christian School is for anyone who desires Christian education. The school sets the tuition rate based on the income level of your family. God has done amazing work in the lives of South Olive Christian School’s students. Donors receive God’s blessing as their money enables your student to be at our school.



We are in the North Holland Area. We are also close to Borculo and Zeeland communities.